Rage Doesn’t Slay Dragons*

Rage tries to slay dragons that hurt our dearly loved
I didn’t know how at first to show love from above
Loving from a distance knowing not how to say
That I care for them and that there’s a better way

I first see a problem that will hurt them for sure
Letting it build up high thinking its more mature
Allowing a mistake to run it’s full lengths course
Anguish taking over leaves me with remorse

They still don’t take action my rage bubbles over
Acting without thinking first I reacted too eager
The wall between us now would be so hard to break
Words sear like dragon’s breath be quiet for heaven’s sake

© 2011 Michael Yost

* A friend’s dilemma



21 responses to “Rage Doesn’t Slay Dragons*

  1. I really am humbled when you comment on my poems. I like any comment you would share.


  2. I guess I’ll add a smile to the club of the humbled here and say I liked this very much! Dragons and rage … two words in English I dearly love for some reason, many icons related to it, but all in a good way, despite the rage factor!

    Loved very much the ending line! Little beauty! Al the best!


    • The world of dragons and unicorns is a place I usually leave for the learned of the subject. I Had to use a dragon this time. Glad you enjoyed it. Gratitude accepted and given.


  3. love this one……….

    when folks intend to lie and the rage is high,
    the tension is hot…

    you have superb imagination here.


  4. I always wonder why words scare people so much? In society today, it doesn’t seem like we are left with anything else, when those who injure those we love just walk away and do nothing.


    • I can’t answer that because I don’t know. I do know though that texting does more harm than good. Conversation is becoming a lost art. Thanks for caring enough to stop by and comment.


  5. Beautiful and the dragon knows his stuff too. 🙂


  6. lovely imagery,i especially like the first line


  7. DiamondsAndDogs

    Excellent post. Well done.

    Regards … D.


  8. Best advice. 🙂


  9. Rage over those we love is not an emotion which allows us to see clearly. Before or after it passes I find this inspires a better solution. I enjoy your vision of this subject.


  10. I can very much relate I bottle up and let things boil over, I can be too-eager and then distant. Great job!


  11. Slaying inner dragons is never an easy feat. It’s hard to watch others struggle, and know that we have no control and can only advise or be there for them. Sometimes people just have to feel the dragon’s breath and get burned before they learn better. BUT…to be tempered in a dragon’s fire and SURVIVE it…one will surely be made stronger for it. 🙂 I like this poem.


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