Letting it sit there, on the road I go

I dare not go back, I must not go slow

No matter what the person, has to say

Knowing in my heart, that God has just paid


Going straight forward I have but to push

Because the next stop, could be an ambush

Not being paranoid, I just know my limits

If a tale could be told, I could spin it


© 2011 Michael Yost

Thursday Poet Rally


32 responses to “Spin

  1. Some interesting thoughts that I shall have to ponder further………


  2. Very true words. We are all in a war, so must watch for ambush at all times. Highly thought provoking.
    The Lonely Recluse.


  3. Not to go back is the right choice. We are all tempted to spin. Good words.


  4. Interesting feeling and intriguing poem. I would have liked it to go on and be more developed though.


  5. We can choose to move forward or turn back, be affected or not, gaurd our beliefs with vigilance or allow others to tread and wear us down. I really enjoyed the use of the word ambush. The brevity of the verses give a since of surprise. BUT… The duality of spin was the BIG winner with me.


  6. This is an interesting one. Life does of ten feel this way …


  7. love your word flow.
    what a delight to see you in.
    have fun.


  8. I adore your honesty… if a tale could be told I could spin in… and the connection of reality, mortality, spirituality.


  9. The wars we wage against ourselves are the worst, we really are own worst enemy. Very nicely done Booguloo


  10. Interesting and wonderful..
    keep up the good work mike…


  11. ‘If a tale could be told, I could spin it’… Bright and thought-provoking. Nice!


  12. So true.
    Beautiful as always.


  13. Very nice.


  14. I am sure you could!


  15. Ooh! Love this!
    Well done! I totally understand the feeling being expressed here!


  16. that last line was my favorite. it makes me feel as if there would be a sequel. i want to hear the spinning of the tale! good work


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