Should, Could, Would

The days are so long without me being there,
I hold up my chin, act strong, but I’m scared;
That while I’m away fighting this war
That something might happen, so I scream and deplore.

How will you react while I slam open that door?
What do I say that hasn’t been said before?
I won’t fall prone but I will bend a knee;
Bow my head, kiss your hand, ask you to marry me.

Imagine these words being said to you now
If you must know that they’re real, say them aloud
I couldn’t wait to express how I feel
Every day that I’m here I spin the wheel


© 2011 Michael Yost


14 responses to “Should, Could, Would

  1. Very powerful! Truly shows the fear and how important home is to keep going.


  2. Oh, so sweet and then the reminder of the words must be said now. Wow, Michael, this is good. Thanks for posting …


  3. Never put off til tomorrow…. Nice one, friend. Well said!


  4. I agree with the post that commented on your line: Oh, so sweet and then the reminder of the words must be said now. Great line! Congratulations.


  5. you pin the wheel,

    brilliant write.


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