Dear old Mom*

You come between us and I fall every time
Sliding and slithering you leave behind slime
I slip right in and fall with a thud
By the time I get up I’m covered with crud

Again you’ve done your deed and you slip out of sight
Now when she gets home I’m ready to fight
I scream about the dishes and laundry not done too
Making sure I point fingers at you, you, you

Instead of walking in and doing my share of work
I let the snake in and make me look like a jerk
Both working forty to make our ends meet
The snake comes in and knocks me off my feet

I’m sure you must have a snake around too
They come dressed in their finest in color and hue
Don’t slip in their slime and get covered with crud
Slap them behind their head with a Leroy Jethro Gibbs thud

© 2011 Michael Yost

*Not our Moms and not advocating violence

3 responses to “Dear old Mom*

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  2. wow 🙂 a slippery song here, blame it on the snake 🙂
    Glad no snakes where I live.


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