It’s my Life

I used to care but finally gave it away.
The price was too high I no longer wanted to pay.
Earlier she took all the love I could share
But for day to day hoping it’s too much to bear

Out of their fold is the way they prefer
That’s fine with me it’s really up to her.
I have just been waiting for the right opportune
To right the relationship and it doesn’t look soon

She won’t let me right wrongs or apologize
I think I’ve done all to compromise
Wondering what if she changed her mind today
I don’t know I used to care but finally gave it away

© 2011 Michael Yost

4 responses to “It’s my Life

  1. Michael, seems you are moving forward, moving on. Time allows that, albeit slowly sometimes.


  2. giving away when your care is not appreciated is a good sign, you move on, you open your heart for something new and maybe much more beautiful …


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