Precious Stones

Distracted by some precious stones
Walking down the streets all alone
Glowing like a light house very true
Spectacular colors with bright hues

She wore a one shoulder mini sequin
Wrapped tightly over her silky pale skin
Sitting there much like a brave queen
I standing in my youth very green

Not being very close to anywhere
It was but for a moment that I stared
I asked, “May I escort you to your home?”
She said, “No, but please may I use your cell phone?”

Apparently she had some kind of fight
Being left off here in the dead of night
Finally a car came to drive her home
She kissed my cheek and thanked me for the phone

She took off a ring from her left hand’s finger
Gave it to me made with large diamonds and silver
They drove off in a hurry leaving me alone
Still being distracted by some precious stones

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry

12 responses to “Precious Stones

  1. Interesting story told here, Michael. A broken romance–a stranger “rewarded”.


  2. An entire story in just a few stanzas. Really well done, booguloo.


  3. Oh wow I agree you really have painted a complete story with your words. Wonderfully done


  4. amazing,

    nothing is as precious as true love.
    love your message.


  5. You’ve woven a tale into a few words – love it


  6. Booguloo,
    An interesting story with a variety of stones and some precious moments!



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