Bloody Ass fault

Asphalt rises with each step
Slipping pebbles underneath
Hands bracing against the fall
Bits of glass bite beneath

Pebbles still rolling slipping
Knees scrape elbows follow
Chin bounces tongue blows blood
Writhing into a dirty wallow

Up on all fours one knee bent
Pushing off slipping forward
Going down hard once again
Then sliding down he went

Down to the beginning level
Looking back up brushing off crud
Finally scanning his clothes smiling
He walked away spitting blood

© 2011 Michael Yost

4 responses to “Bloody Ass fault

  1. Oh Ouch! – was someone looking over their shoulder mildly distracted and didn’t see where they were going? Mmm!

    Hope it was fiction Michael,



  2. Ouch is right–those slippery little pebbles are hard to walk on!

    Hey, I like your new photo–very nice.


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