The Long Walk

The pill will work the long walk is the key
Be patient now it’s guaranteed
We’ll be there soon and you’ll see
You will be master over this anxiety

Now pick up the pace or we’ll be late
It’s important that you meet your fate
“Bless me Father for I have sinned”
“Don’t worry my son, you won’t do it again”

© 2011 Michael Yost


12 responses to “The Long Walk

  1. Sounds a little ominous–I think…


  2. well delivered passion.
    love it.


  3. Hopeful priest… Thankfully, you see it like a long walk!


  4. Just one foot after the other, walking slow, taking your time, just one pill to ease your mind. Leaves some doubt whether this is the thing to do.


  5. Sounds like the sinner’s bought it, pill or no…Heaven waits!!


  6. Sometimes its a long and hard road to find our place. Lovely job =)


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