It Should Have Been Six

If she would love me I’d feel it forced
If she would love me I’d feel remorse
It should have happened already by now
It should have happened before our vows

If I had known it was out of sympathy
If I had known before today she’d be free
It should have been done with feelings of love
It should have been done without feeling shoved

If you had told me I wouldn’t be grieved
If you had told me I wouldn’t feel deceived
It should have been your responsibility
It should have been six so you were easier to carry

© 2011 Michael Yost

15 responses to “It Should Have Been Six

  1. Michael, I’m a bit dense, because I don’t understand the title and therefore the point of what “six” represents, but I still like this poem very much. Would you drop me an email and we can explore? Reason is, I don’t often make it back to responses on all these blogs. Thanks. Sorry, I feel like a dunce! Amy


  2. Micheal I too am a bit slow and do not get the significance of the ‘six’ very much enjoyed the poem though.


  3. Added another Tag.


  4. Poignant and intriguing all at once. I don’t get the reference to “six” either, but that’s okay. It means something to you and that’s the main thing I need to know.

    Somehow this resonates for me, Michael. Thank you for writing it and posting it. Have a fabulous day. Poem on …


  5. I like the furore in the verses and the rhythm in which you actually exclaim the reality!! But like Sharp Little Pencil said, the title was kind of detouring from the essence!! ….however, the verses were haunting, and that’s what hits our conscience!!


    • I hope it is settled about the sixth pallbearer. smiles I’m glad you liked the poem. I haven’t heard the word furore is quite a while. Thanks for the comments and the visit.


  6. This is so poignant, Michael. I understood the significance of the six, but the poem left me wondering how he found out what “it should have been” after it was too late. Unless it wasn’t too late when he found out…


  7. This is amazing, Michael. I liked it even without the process notes but they made it even more powerful. I like to write poetry now and again with obscure symbolism and every now and then someone gets it in its fullness. If not, let them take what they get! Very sad, regretful tone to this.


  8. I like the six alliteration 🙂 cool!


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