Nothing like before

The world is empty and void without you
As I spin the flesh falls off and drifts into space
Raw emotions left at the pulsating core
With nothing left to embrace
Nothing like before

The cold vacuum ices over the warmth of distant stars
Drawing out the last bit of life I have left
Pulsating less and less till no more
Frozen solid conscious yet alive stalling death
Nothing like before

Or does your conscience just stream and dream
When you die, left spinning, just beginning
The world is empty and void without you anymore
No forgiveness of my sinning
Nothing like before

© 2011 Michael Yost

14 responses to “Nothing like before

  1. The cold vacuum ices over the warmth of distant stars
    this line is brillant in its imagery.
    Excellent work!


  2. This is deep and beautifful, filled with imagery and raw with emotion. One of your best! Very well written.


  3. cuts straight to the heart of it…hard read for the emotions it deals with..well writ…


  4. You really seem to be able to tap into your emotional side very well, Michael. I think that’s a good thing. I appreciate this raw, real emotion.


  5. I liked this piece very much, especially the last stanza. Thank you!


  6. moondustwriter

    Michael – I can tell you were feeling “void” “emptiness” as you wrote this. Great feeling and impact on the reader

    thanks for your One Shot support


    • Thanks for the visit. I wish there was a way to keep the one shot up longer than one day. I know it goes to archives eventually, but there’s a lot to read.


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