Awkward Blues

Clumsy, fall on my ass awkward blues
Walking down the street tripping over my shoes
Clumsy fell on my ass, passed some gas
Rolling around with the awkward blues

Ran into a pole, fell in a hole awkward blues
Tripped up a curb bumped blind Herb
Stepped on his cup, kicked him in the nuts
Scoffed his new shoes, I call it the awkward blues

Singing the song slipped headlong
Into a bus stopped along
The street, knocked me off my feet
Stringing you along awkward blues

© 2011 Michael Yost

14 responses to “Awkward Blues

  1. This is hilarious I am embarrassed to say it sounds like me. I am short so I always step on my skirts, trip up the stairs and shank myself so everyone behind me gets an interesting view. Yep I am smooth like that 😛


  2. Those are some “awkward blues”
    Fun to read!


  3. It’s fun to read.
    After a long time Michael…. 🙂


  4. An evocative poem — Hmm, I have to admit I found this poem to be funny in a slapstick kind of way, what is it about this kind of humor albeit it may not be the right thing to do, but sometimes, when you see someone fall down it’s hard not to laugh. Sometimes, life is just funny in a particularly amusing way.


  5. first stanza is funny 🙂 you made the blues fun Boo! Happy Sunday!


  6. Ha! A little schadenfreude, a little empathy. Terrific.


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