Weeping Web

The urge to be melancholy hovers so near
If only the reasons for happiness were as clear
Walking by the edge of the spider web weeping
With the whisper of the spider close by creeping

Knowing I should be elsewhere out of harm’s way
But falling hard under the power of the spiders say
Crawling ever so closer and up and onto my arm
I barely felt the bite causing me no alarm

I fell into the web never happier than before
Where the spiders feed I’m not even sore
I thought the sadness would over take me more
Instead I’m warm, wrapped and feeling restored

© 2011 Michael Yost

31 responses to “Weeping Web

  1. weeping web,
    swimming feet.

    this piece is super great.


  2. Wow, what a surprise ending. Great job of weaving this web.


  3. Michael, I was so surprised by your ending. Kind of like The Borg, being assimilated. But when all is said and done, I will have nightmares tonight because spiders GROSS ME OUT! Ha ha ha. Great job. When you gross ME out, that’s saying something. Amy (Here’s mine, Sun. Scribs)


  4. melancholy is my middle name. I totally get this feeling, mine is not an urge as much as a haunting presence 😦
    happy potluck!


  5. what a superb write.


  6. Sometimes we just don’t know where we belong, until we find our own…a clear reason for happiness! clever…


  7. Yes, a lovely spider web you weaved here. Glad you feel restored.


  8. “weeping web”
    Haunting imagery!


  9. In my own country, people say that spiders are a sign of good luck. Maybe that explains why you feel that way.


  10. Great poem. I enjoyed this one very much. The spider and it’s web and the paralleles we can weave from it are endless.


  11. Nice feeling and you convey it quite well


  12. Reined poetic allusions here, Michael, and lovely ending.

    By the end, we too feel the relief. Nicely done.


  13. carefreewanderer

    Warm and happy,trapped in a spider’s web where the spiders feed.Hmmm…..thought provoking. An intriguing piece indeed!


  14. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little.


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