Teach Your Children

Once tangled up in an addicted existence
Kept my family hostage, but at a distance
Now they’re gone, done with coexistence
Not by mine, but with their insistence

I’m blessed by most with conversation
Texting mostly with a short duration
I’m not complaining now, it’s still a relation
It’s a new life for all, dealing with isolation

© 2011 Michael Yost


21 responses to “Teach Your Children

  1. Hard lessons life sometimes deals us.


  2. Short durations may lead to longer ones … timely message for many!


  3. The children teach us too–it works both ways! I really like the healing message in this.


  4. isolation with short communications is one kind of life to live, enjoy it and bless you.

    perfectly fine tuned piece,
    keep us inspired.


  5. Raw and painful, its incredible and deeply-affecting writing


  6. This is sad, Michael; but I admire your honestly in poetry. That is the kind of poetry I most appreciate If you are texting now, it is something to build on. I learned long ago to ‘never say never.’


  7. A painful write. However, short – sweet – and to the point. Writing is extremely therapeutic. Perhaps you will continue to delve into your feelings more deeply. Blessings~


  8. This end of life is tough. Some lessons we learn too late and sometimes children don’t realize that parents were also in process.

    Unfortunately, parents often love their kids unconditionally, but kids rarely love their parents unconditionally.

    This poem is well-wrought and honest. Nice work. I applaude you for your fine work and your courage here, Michael.


  9. Sad sweet words, well written, it is a nice piece 🙂


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