Twrees Okay?

I spilled the pot I hope the twrees  okay

We were s’posed to plant it today

Maybe we could leaves it this way

Mommy, Mommy do we gots a tray

© 2011 Michael Yost

Week 5 Image Prompt

19 responses to “Twrees Okay?

  1. Sweet images…love it!


  2. I am so happy that I ain’t diabetic – this was a fantastically sugary treat to consume! I’m going to be stuck saying twrees for days now….


  3. wow, big grins, you are talented.
    love the playfulness.


  4. LOL. Very pweasing.


  5. Fun , original and light-hearted take on the prompt !!


  6. Awww this is so sweet =)


  7. Love the voice in this, very sweet.


  8. Awwww….I can just hear this one in my head. You got it just right!


  9. Light. Uplifting. Smile.

    Thank you! A nice one to digest with my dinner. 🙂


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