You Know?

The cynical nature of romantic love
Truly an over emphasized emotion
Written everywhere by everyone
Whoever had loved and then lost

A cycle of ups and downs that
That is always carrying you
Past life with only one concern
Them and their happiness above your own

So we sacrifice beyond what we are able
Finally to the point where you are exhausted
Or you find a reciprocal soul giving back
Good luck with that

Then the romance is gone either way
But then you may find happiness
Unless you fall into the hole of
The cynical nature of romantic love

© 2011 Michael Yost

17 responses to “You Know?

  1. cinnamon blues

    I enjoyed the flow and sense of the poem.


  2. Definitely a cynical look at love which is fleeting certainly in the first rush.


  3. i’m addicted to love & can definitely connect to these words. you always amaze me. thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. youryour words are true. Guess we are all looking for that co called soul mate. words are true. Guess we are all looking for that co called soul mate.


  5. Oh how I love that the first line is the last line as well! Loved the flow of this! Great post my friend:)


  6. Love your poem. I am definitely on the cynical side of the fence. Am definitely one of the ones who gave too much. Never seemed to get that whole mysterious thing called “romantic love” to fit. Now I am working on leaning “unconditional love.” That is even harder but the journey is easier and the rewards greater. As always, your poetry delights me. Hugs, pat


  7. moondustwriter

    is that a cycle that many of us get pulled into and through???
    Your poetry does hit it
    I still believe in romantic love cant afford to be cynical


  8. agreed,

    well done.



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