Trying to Make Scent of it

Cut grass and ozone lifting off the asphalt
Floods the mind with memories
Each distinct with different feelings
With so many at once I sit, from reeling

Too many to separate them all
Words, thoughts, feelings and images
All together rolling down towards the puddle
Laughing, crying and stunned, most befuddled

I can’t imagine all this trouble
Trying to sort through all this rubble
Each pointing their fingers, finding fault
From the scent of cut grass and ozone lifting off the asphalt

© 2011 Michael Yost

16 responses to “Trying to Make Scent of it

  1. loved the last stanza!


  2. Good! You capture well how a flood of memories and feelings can explode with just a familar scent…or even the memory of a scent. When I think how keep animals sense of smell is, i.e., a dog’s, wolf’s horses, etc. I wonder why we under rate our sense of smell. Even as a child, I had a difficult time when bombarded by noxious scents. It is a gift we could use better, I am sure. Thanks for a good poem and one that makes me think. Can’t beat that! Hugs, pat


  3. I thought it was interesting that you used the word scent. Can I guess if it’s because of the similarity to ‘sense’ that was the source of inspiration?


    • Smelled both today. The answer may appear twice, having an issue with the computer. I changed the word in the title to scent because it made sense to me… smiles…


  4. Scents are a powerful link, to something we have experienced before.
    A wonderful thought…



  5. My favorite scent is fresh-cut grass. That was my childhood. Adulthood brought the asphalt, and you portrayed both with flair. Loved this, Michael! Amy


  6. Beautiful scent of your words!


  7. your productivity is amazing,
    keep it going.


  8. Scent is a trigger for memory. Music too. A fine poem, expecially the last stanza.


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