Cut Loose

Your words make me strained and pained
Leaving me nothing to otherwise gain
As I would be better off in the cold freezing rain
Than standing here swallowing imagined blame

© 2011 Michael Yost

18 responses to “Cut Loose

  1. i know the feeling..


  2. I like the rhymes …


  3. moondustwriter

    that one can really hurt – I think the thought that would or could or does happen …

    you deal with it and resolve it well – I’ll take a bit of rain rather than heart drain


  4. “Standing here swallowing imagined blame.” Killer line, Michael. Lots of impact in a minimum of words, very effective. Amy


  5. A known feeling..well expressed through your poetic realms!!


  6. Cutting – but real. 🙂


  7. i have felt this way too…


  8. yeah!

    right to the point.


  9. You captured that feeling …. Nice! – the poem, not the feeling! 🙂


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