The Writings’ on the Wall

Ancient caves trace time through history
Within them hold some of life’s mysteries
Written on the walls are great men’s stories
Sharing their failures and their glories

In ourselves we have an autobiography
That we need look at like photography
Picture the events so as not to think to hard
Like the cave walls we hold with regard

How it all started and the end result
Just long enough, feeling we had a consult
Same roads travelled produce the same effect
Trace the time and act, after you’ve had time to reflect

© 2011 Michael Yost

20 responses to “The Writings’ on the Wall

  1. I really like line “in ourselves we have an autobiography”.


  2. nice one… thanks


  3. MIchael, I love the comparison of cave drawings with the art that is our own lives. Although some days I feel old enough to have emerged from a cave myself…! Nice work here, my friend. Amy


  4. Another good one! A very perceptive write on the state of preception.


  5. masterful.



  6. Hi Michael…
    I agree with you… and its a lovely verse…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya


  7. Another amazing poem I love the flow of your poetry


  8. Well, today I feel like I just woke up in a cave. . . I like the way you juxtaposed our lives with cave art. Also liked that you wrote “auto”biography and not jsut biography.

    Well done, Michael.


  9. This entire piece is wonderfully written. My favorite part is the last two lines, they rounded the piece nicely. Bravo!


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