Does Loving Hurt?

Where’d you think I’d go?
You know how I feel so
I knew you’d be waiting there
Because neither of us would dare

To walk away feeling this way
Walking together till we’re gray
Even knowing how bad it gets
With each of us crying to quit

The love and pain we share
Can’t ever even compare
Because I know how you feel so
Where did you think I’d go?

© 2011 Michael Yost

13 responses to “Does Loving Hurt?

  1. How wonderful to know words like this exsist! Very Sweet!


  2. Tue love is a thousand arguments and a thousand apologies and, more importantly, a thousand forgivings.

    And then the leaning one another when the silly arguments are done and it matters most.

    Your poem inspires. I loved it.


  3. Here the rhythm is key…


  4. Sweet. Romantic. 🙂


  5. love it,

    playful and sweet.



  6. I can relate so much to this piece, amazing and very romantic through good times and bad


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