Giving over your strength to the cunning
Listening to all that they bare
May give hope and you find them stunning
But only selling you a wish and a prayer

They’re clever, empathic, and daring
Asking questions they already should know
They mask themselves as caring
And hoping you go with the flow

Their answers are non specific, specifically
That way they’re never trapped
Never gaining the knowledge scientifically
And working you until you are strapped

© 2011 Michael Yost

20 responses to “Profit-teers

  1. Very good description! Made me think of sharks, how people
    prey. Good job!


  2. ha! you must know my latest date :p lol
    this sounds correct to me, they set a trap and stay far away sadly enough 😦


  3. haha been down this road a time or ten, avoid them like the plague now. Great word play with this one too!


  4. Ah, yes, always those who are will to try to separate us form our meager dollars.


  5. they find themselves in many areas of life…looking out for their self interest masquerading as yours…


  6. so sad when people prey on the needy even if it’s emotional need.


  7. You could also be describing modern ad men!


  8. They usually get their way because I’ve noticed it is often when vulnerable that people seek them out – I did. Learnt the hard way. LOL


  9. If there’s emotion or fear to be toyed with, there is profit to be had. Sad that humanity has trouble lifting itself out of that cycle…

    Great poem!


  10. Yes indeed, some wear the mask to perfection, too. Well said by you~!


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