Chains and Cages

Blaming everyone but myself
Sweeping all my friends off the shelf
Obsessive thoughts circling in my brain
Repeating and intruding causing me pain

Bringing in all the darkest cages
Upon the brightly lit stark stages
Doubting my abilities, am I insane?
Locking them all under lock and chains

Who’s in the cages, I’ve swept them away?
See them all standing over there; I’ve kept them at bay?
Now I’m pacing in circles, and feeling so tight
It’s getting awfully hot here underneath these bright lights

© 2011 Michael Yost

16 responses to “Chains and Cages

  1. pacing in circles a cage exposed to the eyes of the watchers – the circus of life unfolding…


  2. Gosh, I’ve so been here! Not a great place to be at all…well expressed & well written, Michael.


  3. hmmm the worst cage is the one we build around ourselves, what ought to have saved us can surely drive us mad 😦
    thanks for the visit
    boo, mayo!!!!!!!
    lol now that is a funny one, mayo!!! :p


  4. Raw and honest poem, really gets to me because I too have been there


  5. We can’t escape the spotlight boring down on us–that’s where all the heat’s coming from.


  6. lovely sentiments on this one…

    honest and beautiful expressions, bless you.


  7. Raw and beautiful, this is a place that some people can relate to, I have been there in that cage. Well done excellent piece


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