Empty Bowl

Laying out the words from the creative void
Drawing everything out from voices destroyed
Digging deeper holes hollowing out the devoid
Trying to stay calm while being annoyed

© 2011 Michael Yost


20 responses to “Empty Bowl

  1. hmmm a bit of frustration as well noted in the process, but I like the purge 🙂


    • Don’t know what happened to my original response… but I found creative void out there as the new way of saying writer’s block…. Worked well in the poem I thought.


  2. you know what i find very interesting in this short poem? the frequency of the “oy” sound. and it gives me a feeling of a trampoline, as if first dipping my hearing into nothingness and then throwing it up-high into ether. very interesting effect!


  3. Sorry your bowl ended up empty–but see, you can even write about that–not so empty after all.


    • I seen this and thought about it before I wrote the poem,” Mold clay to form a bowl; It is the empty space which makes the bowl useful.” 11 chapter in the Tao.


  4. Very cool! I love the Tao–so very true. Thanks, Michael–for sharing that.


  5. That’s an interesting site, Michael. I spent some time there looking around. Thanks!


  6. Yep… I have days like this – too many actually.


  7. sometimes we just need to step back, and do something else….
    in calling my muse to write, i just let it be… i have faith it will come…

    happy sunday


  8. yes calm is difficult when annoyed…best to you..bkm


  9. Yep, been there myself! You’ve captured the sometimes painful creative process very well in these lines.


  10. Loved your comment on my poem today Michael. (hugs)
    this is a great poem you wrote.


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