The Jackass’s Tale

Some stories he’s told have grown along the way
But what really happened has gone astray
Don’t ask him the truth because he couldn’t say
The lies are so real it’s like it was just yesterday

With others they’re told so many different ways
If you heard it before you’ll know he’s strayed
Ask him the truth and he’d know what to say
But he’ll tell you he’s mixed up even if it was yesterday

© 2011 Michael Yost

19 responses to “The Jackass’s Tale

  1. Hm…a poem to keep me pondering a while. Mysterious…& well written! 🙂


  2. I’m not sure I get the JackAssed bit, but I love the poem. Unless of course it’s what a jackass does. Right?


  3. LO! I know people like this!


  4. Nice one… lies, lies…you can’t keep track of it….


  5. If you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said! I think that was Abe Lincoln who coined that gem.

    It also sounds like a lot of 12-step meetings in a way… Great, Michael!


  6. a jackass indeed, twisted tongue 🙂


  7. nice – You always have a fresh angle.


  8. True as I like to say certain things, I’m taken aback often enough at how inaccurate, how unintentionally biased my accounts come out.


    • Thanks for the visit and the comment. That should be everyone’s concern, but it’s usually shrugged off. I too am guilty of the same “truths”. smile…


  9. Yeah, I know someone like this. Better have a good memory if only lies come out.

    Nice write.


  10. Quite a character sketch. Rings true …


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