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Seaside Afternoon

Driftwood relaxes quietly on the high tide line
Ice plant forms a green carpet higher on the dunes
Purple and yellow centered flowers dot the carpet
With scrubby tufts of golden grass waving with the wind

Low tide still ebbing leaves a gray froth on the sand
As the rhythm of the waves expose tiny cockle shells
And the sea reflects the sun’s dancing diamonds
Almost blinding away the picture perfect afternoon

©2011 Michael Yost

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Senryu Forty One

Words lost on my tongue
Passion drained from my being
Death didn’t leave a song

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Gooseberry Garden, Jingle Poetry Community’s New Home, A Place for Poets To Share and Get Inspired!

Freeing Verse

Seeking to find this new liberty and its benefits
Is like taking off the shackles of bondage
That I found a certain level of comfort in
Much like the hostage taken from their normal life

Then cast out into the street full of strangers
Feeling forsaken and alone once more
Then in the crowd finally finding a familiar face
I break down and cry while in full embrace

© 2011 Michael Yost

Hello From Miami

You can see from the picture
The beach is sunny and bright
But behind the umbrella
I hide from your sight
So you can’t see my tears
From missing you so
Or from seeing me now
As I Honk my nose

© 2011 Michael Yost

Free Write Friday

55 MPH Race

You’ll never forget feeling despondent.
It’ll haunt you where ever you go
It’s a feeling of chest crushing hopelessness
In a storm, buried up to your neck in snow

Shaking your head and blowing warm breathe
Trying to keep the snow from your face
Suddenly it’s falling faster now
You feel you’re in a race

© 2011 Michael Yost

This is my offering for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  If you’ve written a story in exactly 55 words, visit Mr. KnowItAll and tell him.

Duke Loves Daisy

Capital letters for us
In the tree out back
Now about grown over
As I’m about to pack

Duke loves Daisy
Carved within a heart
Hard to make out now
Then it was our start

Sold the house
So big and alone
Without you now
The house only groans

A new couple now
With love in their hearts
Makes it feel right
Since it’s their start

© 2011 Michael Yost 08/11

Want a New Drug*

The drug caused a spasm every once in a while
So I did what I was told and turned back the dial
To the original dose, the increase just a trial
Another failed attempt to put in my file

Like making the perfect cocktail for a client
The taste shouldn’t be just pliant
It’s the effects that have to be more reliant
Finding the right combination that needs to be alliant

I’ve seen it work; I know it’s a matter of time
There are more rungs on the ladder I must climb
Or to work down in the ditches full of grime
Facing all the ramifications in the meantime.


© 2011 Michael Yost

*This is a Medical, not Recreational drug.

Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth was true
She always came through
When mom couldn’t do
She made sure I had a gift or two

© 2011 Michael Yost


Poetic Peace

A call for help heeded not
Poetic peace be with
Strangled by this heavy yoke
Fashioned on the stith

Staggering with this load I pull
This giant monolith
Poetic peace without,
This load is not a myth

His daughter’s virtue still intact
Though we laid down in the frith
Poetic peace ne’er be mine
Be damned this old blacksmith

© 2011 Michael Yost

Wolves do Pant

Having gone past the words of no return,
I asked myself what I had learned.
Was it revenge because I was spurned?
Or that I was heard when it was my turn?

Either way I lost my chance
To be with her at my High School dance
To fight my way back to romance
Nope I won’t go there, I’ve taken a stance

© 2011 Michael Yost

Promises Never Given

Promises never given
Didn’t leave her prepared
When you gave her the news
That you wouldn’t be there

It satisfied your need
To feel justified
When you left her alone
After saying goodbye

Because you told her
From the very start
Promises never given
Still broke her heart

That’s when she pulled
Out the forty five
Shot you dead in the chest
But cried as you died

© 2011 Michael Yost



We forget how easy it is to hurt someone
Because we’re locked up within our own mind
Making it hard to consider loving ourselves
And all of those we loved, left behind

© 2011 Michael Yost


So many emotions to try and sort out
Those you’ve loved left you hanging in doubt
Refusing to hear you nor your lamented shouts
Leaving your thoughts within and your emotions without

© 2011 Michael Yost


The Disjointed Post

The Disjointed Post.

Who I Am

Being the sum total of so many boys and men
It’s almost impossible to answer with a pen
Yes a pencil and eraser is what I’ll truly need
To change each answer after I done each deed

To reach the growth of where I now stand
You have to climb up and down some stairs if you can
Milestones round every corner and straight way
I grew a little more outside myself you could say

Every turn may require a question from you
You may as well grab my hand so we can talk to
Putting on paper an answer that is so unique
I dare you to try before you and I speak

© 2011 Michael Yost

Weekend Addict (and Response)

He is a weekend addict
Who needs to feel good in his life
There’s a ritual he performs
Each time he does, before he hits the pipe

Heating the glass pipe’s crystal meth
Without burning, only to liquefy
Then brushing the flame under the glass
Coaxing some smoke to rise

Inhaling quick two or three big hits
Sweat pouring from his stiff upper lip
His body starts to sway and jerk
Just on this side of having a fit

He is a weekend addict
Leading a lonesome life
Wearing a mask all week long
Then evading his internal strife

© 2011 Michael Yost

*A Tweak-end addict

A tweak-end addict,
Weekend dreams,
Quickly shared
Never spoken

Extreme is the new norm
Sun up, sun down, fit or forlorn
Days run together
Making all but now the new form

I am that guy
Fear me……..
Forget that   , instead 1st try…
To picture me as reaching out
Asking u to buy

A piece of god’s compassion,
A tiny fleck of grace
Show me by your actions
Don’t spray me with your mace.

I am worth a second
Longer if u trust
That showing me true friendship
can could shall should must

rewards are never offered
lest it calls to doubt
sincerity and honor
things I live without

altruistic acts are best
when comparing deeds of yesterday
and tomorrows yet before

so give 4 love and let go
care not for where it goes
a person needy like myself,
will benefit , but then…
u know

© 2011 anonymous….

*A true response from a “tweakend friend.”



Piece of Work

Closing eyes and nodding
No sleep the night before
Awaking in time to write this line
And hoping for one more

Resting eyes, time has past
Jerking awake once more
Getting off my ass, I hope to last
Before I start to snore

One more cup of coffee
The world pushes towards the sun
I give a dam, as concerned as I am
This piece of work is done


© 2011 Michael Yost

Wrestling Write

As I sit down, capturing enters my mind
And I wonder what it is I should write or to find.
Is it something I need but that I’m too blind?
Nothing’s in my vision so it must be behind

It might be the moment I sit here and write
If that’s all it is I should feel some delight
That can’t be it; it doesn’t feel quite right
But the shadows grow long; I’ve wasted my light

© 2011 Michael Yost

Magic in the Backyard Entry

p20110808-225718 (1)

Thanks Kellie for the background picture.  I love it.

One Across

Drowsy, dusty, deepening devices
Honing and toning a phony crisis
Hoping the crows in flight entice
Before they were sliding on thin ice

Crossword puzzles becomes a blur
Archaic clues undeserved
One across, poetry deferred
Easily read would be preferred

© 2011 Michael Yost

Today’s Tonight

Looking ahead to today’s tonight
Anticipating with great joy and delight
The stars bursting that will finally ignite
All of my dreams that take to flight

Where dream weavers try to please
While counting on their expertise
Forgetting all the hurt and disease
Enjoying today’s tonight finally

© 2011 Michael Yost


Black Steam

Black steam rises as I begin to let go
Slowly measured so I don’t start to blow
Anger, envy and depression are about to crack
Red, green and blue mixed turn to black

Red because our relationship that I destroyed
Green over all their happiness they now enjoy
Blue for the girl I lost, that I used to cling
Black together putting on their new rings

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry

"Political" Game of Life

Things are spinning
Anxiety flows
Nobody knows
Where it’s going to go
Too many things
Are being realized
Too many things
To try and vocalize
Obama off fund raising
And a vacation
Congress  advocates
We’ll pack it up now
And put it all in a crate
Almost ten percent
Out of work on Vacation?
Now trying to
Fund raise ourselves?
What an Education
As far as I’m concerned
Our leadership
Can all go to hell
For dishonoring our nation
Ringing the Wall Street bell

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry

Risking Wishes

Lovers two cradled crying, infantile desires
Serenading wishes rising through the choirs
Each others expectations, pricked by the briar
Finally recognizing the other was a liar

© 2011 Michael Yost

Haiku 11

Hearts can become hard
Winter turns them ice cold blue
Warmth comes with a smile

© 2011 Michael Yost