The Porch and Swing

Ten long steps up to the porch and the swing
Steps hollowed out while the footings a light spring
The railings smoothed from all the hands grabbing
And the roof with a slight bow as its sagging

There she sits on one foot quietly reading
I slide in real close with one arm squeezing
All is quiet and she touches my hand
The afternoon couldn’t have been better planned
© 2011 Michael Yost

20 responses to “The Porch and Swing

  1. Such afternoons … we all dream of them! Nice picture in your words!


  2. well depicted… such moments do happen 🙂


  3. I loved it.. sweet and endearing.


  4. awww!! such a perfect afternoon!


  5. a beautiful moment, you captured it well


  6. well done and economical scene capture


  7. Very nice…a tender scene you paint..


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  9. And there you have it, a simple stunning slice of life.

    Great job!


  10. I have a porch swing that used to be my grandmas favorite place to sit on the morning with her coffee. She would watch the birds and rock and swing most every morning. I still see her out there sometimes. Thank you for the memory, Michael.

    My latest


  11. It makes me sad wishing I someone would hold my hand right now.

    … very beautiful!



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