"Political" Game of Life

Things are spinning
Anxiety flows
Nobody knows
Where it’s going to go
Too many things
Are being realized
Too many things
To try and vocalize
Obama off fund raising
And a vacation
Congress  advocates
We’ll pack it up now
And put it all in a crate
Almost ten percent
Out of work on Vacation?
Now trying to
Fund raise ourselves?
What an Education
As far as I’m concerned
Our leadership
Can all go to hell
For dishonoring our nation
Ringing the Wall Street bell

© 2011 Michael Yost


The Poetry Pantry

20 responses to “"Political" Game of Life

  1. Until our military folks are brought home from the Middle East, I have told the president’s staffers I will not be doing any “boots on the ground” work for him this campaign. Hostilities must end. All presidents need to take a bit of time off to refresh – Jimmy Carter burned out locking himself into the West Wing until hostages were released – and Pres. Obama has done a lot of good with the crap sandwich he was handed by Bush, but this insanity in Afghanistan has to end. NOW. Thanks, Michael. Blame to share on both sides of the aisle, not to mention Teapot Dome… er… I mean the Tea Party! Amy


    • Understood how each president is left a bunch of unresolved problems. I’m just mad at the whole process. Not picking sides this time as I think they all share in the responsibilities of the past week. Now in addition to all the other problems, they’re taking away V.A, benefits in this package.


  2. Hear hear! I agree!


  3. Nice peice of work!!


  4. “Politics as usual” has the whole nation upset, I think. As in the song “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” I ask: When will they ever learn?


  5. awesome reflections, hope all is well.


  6. I really enjoyed article in The Onion recently, the title was something like “Congress celebrates what barely counts as a compromise.” They’re on about ‘Yay us, we averted disaster, but nobody’s happy.’
    I thought your poem was well put together.


  7. The economic crisis looks set to affect many more people than those living in the US. Guess it’s time to brace ourselves yet again. You make a strong social statement.


  8. I’m so glad I don’t live in the USA!


  9. Yeah, I saw them ringing that Wall Street bell the other day after the close of business–all smiling and clapping and I thought–what the hell are they so happy about!? It made me mad.


  10. We’ve had it with the subprime woes. Now apparently the malaise is heading down much bigger. A confidence building U-turn must be seen working out or things are going to get worse. Incisive write!


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