Black Steam

Black steam rises as I begin to let go
Slowly measured so I don’t start to blow
Anger, envy and depression are about to crack
Red, green and blue mixed turn to black

Red because our relationship that I destroyed
Green over all their happiness they now enjoy
Blue for the girl I lost, that I used to cling
Black together putting on their new rings

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry

27 responses to “Black Steam

  1. Ouch! You wrote something within your heart and it showed. Great poem with tons of colorful meanings!


  2. Excellent! Your use of colors VIVIDLY portrays emotion in this well-crafted poem.


  3. sad loss,
    cheer up, you will smile again when you find another one.


  4. The colors are wonderful. Strong imagery for strong feelings


  5. This was powerful…I could feel the pain in every word.


  6. Intense powerful poem!


  7. Hello Michael.
    If we were perfect humans, we would never do a thing wrong in life and love.
    I feel your pain, but being the romantic optimist that I am, I say your turn will come again. I believe happiness in love belongs to all of us.

    Nicely done, my friend!


  8. I can feel the emotions too. Your first line had the most important message–to let go–but not always so easy, I know. That pain sure can linger a while…


  9. booguloo,

    Absolute honesty and not an easy situation to write about. You have shared your emotions very colourfully.

    Best Wishes, Eileen


    • Thanks Eileen. Just another day in the life as a poet. smiles.. I think we both like writing about real things in people’s lives with some easy to understand verses that others can relate to.

      Best Wishes back to you,


  10. I love this. So much feeling and the rhyme was great. I am happy to have discovered your writing. Will check in regularly.


  11. what a clolorful but sad poem… I can feel the desperation when I finished reading the last line about their new rings… 🙂


  12. Sad poetry, but maybe the first line is the most hopeful.


  13. i love the colored emotions!


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