One Across

Drowsy, dusty, deepening devices
Honing and toning a phony crisis
Hoping the crows in flight entice
Before they were sliding on thin ice

Crossword puzzles becomes a blur
Archaic clues undeserved
One across, poetry deferred
Easily read would be preferred

© 2011 Michael Yost

20 responses to “One Across

  1. profound words,

    love the rhyming and spirits, thanks for sharing.


  2. oh yes I have enjoyed it too … very rhythmic and flowing 🙂


  3. your words are always easily read and accepted with special emotions!


  4. I can relate to the last two lines! Nicely done!


  5. Very nicely said. I used to love doing crosswords. 🙂


  6. Very fun to read aloud


  7. That last line is a surety!


    • It would be nice. A lot of times it’s like over hearing just one side of a cell phone conversation. They should at least use speakerphone… just saying… smiles


  8. thinking how the title relates to the idea, hmmm
    Thanks for the visit Boo 🙂


  9. Oh, oh, oh! I loooooove crossword puzzles!!! *smile* And of course I loved this, especially the ‘crossword puzzles become a blur’ since that is exactly how I feel the seconds before I fall asleep most nights!


  10. Love the rhyming, it really rolls of the tongue, so crisp yet fluid… nicely done.


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