Wrestling Write

As I sit down, capturing enters my mind
And I wonder what it is I should write or to find.
Is it something I need but that I’m too blind?
Nothing’s in my vision so it must be behind

It might be the moment I sit here and write
If that’s all it is I should feel some delight
That can’t be it; it doesn’t feel quite right
But the shadows grow long; I’ve wasted my light

© 2011 Michael Yost

14 responses to “Wrestling Write

  1. Writer’s block is never any fun…


  2. losing muses must be going around, Do as you told me, keep writing!


  3. Check out
    Prompt #17 for Carry On Tuesday, http://carryontuesdayprompt.blogspot.com/ for a fun, interesting prompt


  4. I’ve sat many a time until the “light” (literally and figuratively) was gone. You sing the sad song of many a poet and writer here, Michael. Amy


  5. Ah , the elusive muse … trying to dictate … seems like you beat it … ?


  6. fun experiment w/ rhyme (:


  7. Made me smile, Michael. But, darn, you showed up and put words to paper. Pat yourself on the back for that!


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