Piece of Work

Closing eyes and nodding
No sleep the night before
Awaking in time to write this line
And hoping for one more

Resting eyes, time has past
Jerking awake once more
Getting off my ass, I hope to last
Before I start to snore

One more cup of coffee
The world pushes towards the sun
I give a dam, as concerned as I am
This piece of work is done


© 2011 Michael Yost

19 responses to “Piece of Work

  1. I like this one and the previous one as well. Sometimes it can be hard work to write poetry!


  2. this is how i feel right now…. 😉


  3. booguloo,
    I do like this poem. It reflects many familiar moments I have when the ‘shutters are closed’.
    Best wishes, Eileen
    Thank you for visitng my Blog and for your kind comments.


  4. Michael, I didn’t expect the “piece of work” to be you! I know how hard it is sometimes, deadlines looming… thoughts with you! Amy


  5. I enjoyed this one, it made me smile…..and I love your comment about the piece of work done away by the piece workers. Very witty!


  6. Michael, I love this line you wrote:
    The world pushes towards the sun
    Wow! very unique way of saying moring.
    Great piece!
    Decaf or regular?


  7. I hear that one… more coffee please…


  8. Ah, to sleep, perhaps to dream . . . of some way to finish another poem. Lord, we’ve all been there, but few make the moment into a poem. Well done.


  9. Amen! … Hope you ended up with a good night sleep, Michael.


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