Weekend Addict (and Response)

He is a weekend addict
Who needs to feel good in his life
There’s a ritual he performs
Each time he does, before he hits the pipe

Heating the glass pipe’s crystal meth
Without burning, only to liquefy
Then brushing the flame under the glass
Coaxing some smoke to rise

Inhaling quick two or three big hits
Sweat pouring from his stiff upper lip
His body starts to sway and jerk
Just on this side of having a fit

He is a weekend addict
Leading a lonesome life
Wearing a mask all week long
Then evading his internal strife

© 2011 Michael Yost

*A Tweak-end addict

A tweak-end addict,
Weekend dreams,
Quickly shared
Never spoken

Extreme is the new norm
Sun up, sun down, fit or forlorn
Days run together
Making all but now the new form

I am that guy
Fear me……..
Forget that   , instead 1st try…
To picture me as reaching out
Asking u to buy

A piece of god’s compassion,
A tiny fleck of grace
Show me by your actions
Don’t spray me with your mace.

I am worth a second
Longer if u trust
That showing me true friendship
can could shall should must

rewards are never offered
lest it calls to doubt
sincerity and honor
things I live without

altruistic acts are best
when comparing deeds of yesterday
and tomorrows yet before

so give 4 love and let go
care not for where it goes
a person needy like myself,
will benefit , but then…
u know

© 2011 anonymous….

*A true response from a “tweakend friend.”




20 responses to “Weekend Addict (and Response)

  1. Wow Michael, well done! Impressed, you showed both sides of the story.


  2. Wowwww! Thank you for directing me here, Michael. Do you mind if I share this on facebook?


  3. cool two pieces, sad though
    in time it becomes more than weekends, sadly enough 😦
    xxx boo 🙂


  4. we know,
    you know…

    what a lovely message though…Thanks for linking.


  5. WoW! Spoken like a pro.
    Glad you’re no longer in that frame of mind/state.

    Thanks for your honesty & best of wishes for the future.
    You should be proud of yourself for going clean three years & counting.

    Thanks for sharing, Michael.


  6. I really do respect and admire you. It must have been the hardest thing to do, to stop.

    There must be a way to make it difficult to start.


  7. An honest poem…and a brave write. It shows a real inner strength to let people in…Great stuff and best of luck for the future! 🙂


  8. An ex-addict myself, your poem sent shivers down my spine. It’s been 6 years now since I got off the meth and crack. For the first couple of them, there were times I could still taste/smell it and would dream about getting high. Not anymore though, thank God! I salute you, my dear! It’s not an easy thing to do when you have the meth monkey on your back. God bless you 🙂


  9. I did in the beginning but I live in a rural community and the only ones available were for alcoholics. Since I was 16 years removed from that addiction, I fell away from the meetings. God has given us His grace concerning the drugs and removed all desire from me and my husband both. But if you have a good support group available to you, don’t stop going! It’s important to have that. There were 3 of us who quit together and that was our group “therapy”, lol. Peace and love 🙂


    • That’s a very good thing to have the support of 2 others with you. I live in a sober community and we check ourselves. There are meetings, but I only attend once in a while. Like you and your support group I have a village. Smiles…


  10. Lovely work and depth of feeling … we all have our addictions, if we would admit to them … some are just not chemical …


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