Wolves do Pant

Having gone past the words of no return,
I asked myself what I had learned.
Was it revenge because I was spurned?
Or that I was heard when it was my turn?

Either way I lost my chance
To be with her at my High School dance
To fight my way back to romance
Nope I won’t go there, I’ve taken a stance

© 2011 Michael Yost

13 responses to “Wolves do Pant

  1. I think there are probably many of us who think back to romances that did not bloom. Love your writing Michael.


  2. there’s no return
    over bridges we burn
    we can’t ever replace
    what we lost in the race
    we must look ahead
    not on past words said
    revenge will never be
    what sets us free 🙂


  3. Oops, sorry! Bigger Grin back!


  4. I love the…”having past the words of no return.” I’m probably gonna have to steal it one of these days. ‘Found Language’ nice one M.


  5. hmmm the end of a chapter, what hurts is when we wrote it ourselves…


  6. Michael, I never WAS asked to a high school dance, but I wanted so for this one guy to ask. The distaff side of things… good writing! Amy


  7. No going back … Sometimes sad. Sometimes – frankly – glad! 🙂


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