Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth was true
She always came through
When mom couldn’t do
She made sure I had a gift or two

© 2011 Michael Yost


11 responses to “Aunt Ruth

  1. Oh, God bless Aunt Ruth. So glad to know you had one like that, Michael.

    Love little poetic tribute.

    Happy days, Michael!


  2. I have an aunt Bobbie who did the same. 🙂 Thanks, Michael.


  3. Aren’t Aunts be best? Great poem about her, I hope you can send it to her.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I had an aunt ruth, too – though not related by blood she always came through for us kids.


  5. I had an Aunt Ruth. She was in a wheelchair and came from Iowa to live with us. We were buddies – I’d read her the National Enquirer during commercials for the Roller Derby! Also “rassling,” which she refused to believe was fixed. What a hoot. Thanks for the reminder of all our blessed aunts and uncles who really come through for us. Amy


  6. What a wonderful Aunt, and so luck you are to have had her around.


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