Freeing Verse

Seeking to find this new liberty and its benefits
Is like taking off the shackles of bondage
That I found a certain level of comfort in
Much like the hostage taken from their normal life

Then cast out into the street full of strangers
Feeling forsaken and alone once more
Then in the crowd finally finding a familiar face
I break down and cry while in full embrace

© 2011 Michael Yost

10 responses to “Freeing Verse

  1. Touching, Michael. Tears.


  2. Kind of broke my heart.


  3. crying is a way to relef,

    hope all is well, a free verse is wanted in our place, hope to see you in.



  4. wow! that is touching. I spend my life looking for a sign of recognition. I wish one day for such an embrace! I hope all is well with your son Boo xxxx


    • I’ll be back on my feet in a couple weeks or less. Thanks for you comments and concern. Next week going to be spending some time with my son who was in a bad motorcycle accident. He suffered a compound fracture of his leg and a broken pelvis. Out of the hospital after two operations. ttly


  5. hi boogy hope you are well your son too xxjen


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