Turning the Page

Reading my novel, I wait for the train
Dreaming of my destination
I know that I know it must be there
As I keep going from station to station

I can’t keep track of all the end of the lines
That I’ve passed by without a blink
I’ve spent some time at every town
I can imagine of what you must think

I know I’ll know, when it comes up the line
It doesn’t matter what my age
I’ve been riding now for forty years
Soon I’ll turn the page

© 2011 Michael Yost

20 responses to “Turning the Page

  1. Whenever you’re ready, you can turn that page. A wonderful write, Michael.


  2. Mike, we’re all on that ride. It’s a matter of choosing the correct stop and deciding how long to stay there. God, the metaphors could go on and on for this, because it’s such a good write! Amy


  3. im sure when you turn the page it will be just as good as the one before xxjen


  4. It doesn’t really matter, Mike! Just do what you want to when you are ready,at whatever age!



  5. Very nice 🙂
    It would have been easy to overplay this metaphor…you kept it on the tracks and at cruising speed…


  6. this echoes my piece in a way…the final destination, the goal, when, where?

    one of your best BOO, muahh, welcome back!


  7. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, Michael. xoxo



  8. hi boogey have a lovely weekend its here again xxjen


  9. If a man does not know to what port he is sailing, no wind is favourable. I imagine the same is true about any method of travelling. A great piece this, powerful imagery at the start, very clever ending.
    Just a notification I’ve nominated you for the liebster blog award, go to http://lonelyrecluse.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/liebster-blog-award/ to claim it.
    The Lonely Recluse.


  10. beautiful and emotional in a powerful way. i feel a sense of heaviness after reading this. such is the power in simple words.


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