Monthly Archives: October 2011


Telling of love, with words that are unique;
Often afraid of the other’s critique.
This sometimes makes it, difficult to speak.
To give and to gain love, that you spoke of and seek.

© 2011 Michael Yost



REM under Thoughts

Closing my eyes to rest my weary gaze
Imagination grows as I nod forward in a haze
The last conscious thought chases the next phase
Peeking through hedges lost in the maze

©2011 Michael Yost

Pushing Through Fall

Crossing the river, pushing the punt
River bank reed beds, stretching up front
Bulrush firming, swaying in the breeze
Overhead, flying south, trumpets the geese

Monarchs’ journey too, down with the river
Watching them flutter by, gives me a shiver
Closing on the pier, continuing to glide
Filled with a peace, reaching the other side

©2011 Michael Yost

The Devil’s Bait

The poems and the songs have already been written
Because the depth of the well never ends
No length of rope will let you draw from it
Might as well put down your pen

A coward’s way out, for sure they say
But no one has tied the ropes together
Or put one end of the rope on a team of mules
And lowered the bucket and tether

We finally hear a splash from below
And then we brought up the bucket
I really don’t know what we expected as it arrived
But it came back filled with water

Sure it quenched our dried thirst at first, as we went ahead and drank it
For some, the words came tumbling out
And we scribbled down our thanks
With the crowd scattered around, we went ahead and sang it

So when you’re stuck just look around
At all that we can appreciate
Write the psalms down quick, before it’s too late
Thank the heavens for what you have, and don’t take the devil’s bait

© 2011 Michael Yost

Hear Today, Here Tomorrow

What have I lost that motivates me?
My smallest delights have all been cut free
Where is that spark that used to shine?
That lit up the future that used to be mine

Fingertips slip clawing up the wall
As the floor underneath begins to fall
Nothing from heaven comes from above
Not even feathers from the wings of a dove

Words collapse as interest wanes
Attention is as short as the lessening pain
Lethargy sets in quickly barely able to finish
The void swallows whole as I diminish


© 2011 Michael Yost

The Silence

The silence fills the thoughts between
Sometimes the silence is unforeseen
The silence captures feelings
Sometimes the silence is concealing

The silence answers some of the questions
Sometimes the silence ends a session
The silence frees the speaker
Sometimes the silence…

© 2011 Michael Yost

A Blank Life

Tempted by an old addiction
A friend went over the top
Falling into his old routine
Now he’s unable to stop

Triggering deep seated issues
Feelings from so long ago
Getting high rather than crying
Going with the flow

What caused this aberration?
Bringing back the black hole
Stampeding over emotions
Smoke floating over the bowl

The blank in life surrounding
Only memories from the past
Keep coming to the forefront
Torturing tears of the harassed


© 2011 Michael Yost