A Blank Life

Tempted by an old addiction
A friend went over the top
Falling into his old routine
Now he’s unable to stop

Triggering deep seated issues
Feelings from so long ago
Getting high rather than crying
Going with the flow

What caused this aberration?
Bringing back the black hole
Stampeding over emotions
Smoke floating over the bowl

The blank in life surrounding
Only memories from the past
Keep coming to the forefront
Torturing tears of the harassed


© 2011 Michael Yost

6 responses to “A Blank Life

  1. That’s rough when people keep falling into the same destructive habits. I feel very sorry for them. A great write on a painful part of some people’s lives.


  2. Some have it some don’t. It’ll work itself off to something good in most instances! Great verse!



  3. old habits die hard, they are psychological crutches

    great piece, muahhhhhhhhhh boo


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