The Silence

The silence fills the thoughts between
Sometimes the silence is unforeseen
The silence captures feelings
Sometimes the silence is concealing

The silence answers some of the questions
Sometimes the silence ends a session
The silence frees the speaker
Sometimes the silence…

© 2011 Michael Yost

10 responses to “The Silence

  1. …is its own prison? :p

    Nice Boo, you are putting out some awesome pieces, love it 🙂


  2. sometimes the silence feeds the keeper.
    I think silence is essential to the work of the soul. Deep listening for anwers that live quietly between the spaces of sound.
    very nice Michael.


  3. silence is golden so the song goes i dont like complete silence my thoughts run away with me hmm have a lovely week boogey xxjen


    • I too have racing thoughts.. Part of my diagnosis..ha.! I hope you enjoy your week as well. We’re getting rain and cooler temperatures here in Southern California. brr


  4. silence does so much. beautiful poem


  5. …is a canvas, sometimes a prison…


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