Hear Today, Here Tomorrow

What have I lost that motivates me?
My smallest delights have all been cut free
Where is that spark that used to shine?
That lit up the future that used to be mine

Fingertips slip clawing up the wall
As the floor underneath begins to fall
Nothing from heaven comes from above
Not even feathers from the wings of a dove

Words collapse as interest wanes
Attention is as short as the lessening pain
Lethargy sets in quickly barely able to finish
The void swallows whole as I diminish


© 2011 Michael Yost

8 responses to “Hear Today, Here Tomorrow

  1. The signs of despair. It cannot be happening. There are lots of goodness the future holds!
    Great write, Mike!



  2. these sort of times happen to all of us at some point the joy is getting over them hows you boogey xxjen


  3. I feel just like this sometimes. Good description!


  4. awww this feels like when my depression sets in and all feels flat, but thank goodness it has not taken my poetry away…YET, hopefully never 😦


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