The Devil’s Bait

The poems and the songs have already been written
Because the depth of the well never ends
No length of rope will let you draw from it
Might as well put down your pen

A coward’s way out, for sure they say
But no one has tied the ropes together
Or put one end of the rope on a team of mules
And lowered the bucket and tether

We finally hear a splash from below
And then we brought up the bucket
I really don’t know what we expected as it arrived
But it came back filled with water

Sure it quenched our dried thirst at first, as we went ahead and drank it
For some, the words came tumbling out
And we scribbled down our thanks
With the crowd scattered around, we went ahead and sang it

So when you’re stuck just look around
At all that we can appreciate
Write the psalms down quick, before it’s too late
Thank the heavens for what you have, and don’t take the devil’s bait

© 2011 Michael Yost

16 responses to “The Devil’s Bait

  1. easy to slip into that trap…like the intensity of the warning there in the end…it is that important…


  2. i think that sometimes we get so used to what we have and want more but really we should look at what we already have and make sense of that hope your well boogey and looking forward to another week xxjen


  3. this is just… amazing. i love this, the best i’ve read in a while


  4. Preach it, brother! It’s true, a simple taste of water, of coffee, or a glance out the window… “The Devil’s brew” is an excellent metaphor. Thanks, MIchael! Amy


  5. there was a beat, the rhymes in the first two stanzas that felt like a song, I much enjoyed that 🙂
    thanks for the visits, I know I am late in replying, muahhh much love boo!


  6. hi hope your well boogey and had a nice weekend cold here today autumns arrived xxjen


  7. Great poem and message, Michael. xoxo


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