Ninety Nine

Numbers on a blank paper
People mulling in the crowds
Enjoined with different goals
Wondering what to do now

Words broken on our backs
The speeches dispersing vapors
Monkeys clap the cymbals
Who runs the news papers?

Weather may break the spirit
Unresponsive politicos too
Fragile lines of their union
Ninety nine percent, too few

© 2011 Michael Yost

14 responses to “Ninety Nine

  1. Beautiful job Michael!! I really liked it a lot. 🙂 Peace, love and blessings, Terri


  2. amazing amazing poem, i love this


  3. lifes a real story isnt it boogaloo xxjen liked the poem have a lovely weekend


    • The encampments seem to be losing steam and an awakening of the others just watching would be good to keep the message alive. When the shelves are empty and the banks have gone bankrupt maybe they’ll start paying attention. I just don’t know the answers to the problems but it would be nice for the ones who do, rise up and take control of the situations.


  4. your muses are so well still,

    Happy Belated Halloween,
    Happy November!



  5. nice political commentary, who runs the news? the boogeymen oops the moneymen, same thing no? 😦 lol


  6. I see Occupy as a NIMBY sort of thing… if it’s NOT in people’s back yard and they don’t have a loved one taking part, s/he is unlikely to get involved. I’ve been going to Occupy Madison, but mostly to supply food.

    The one percenters will be happy as long as the other 99 keep fighting over gay marriage, abortion, and other issues that divide us. Amy


  7. It tough to know exactly what the solution is, but we clearly need a reset. Sigh! We’ll see … a lovely poem, Michael.


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