Whining again

Are you whining again?
My sad old friend
You’re hard to defend
With your whining again

Surely you must have
Something that’s glad
That’s made you mad
No? Forever sad

Just how you write?
It limits your sight
Try with your might
Don’t give up, fight

Nothing I say
Leads you to sway
This sadness today
Means whining to stay

© 2011 Michael Yost

6 responses to “Whining again

  1. we all like a good whine boogey ive been doing it all day my dog too lol how are you xxjen


  2. ha ha ha ha this sounds like most folks who read my blog, ha ha ha some say I am always sad when I am not, sadness lifts my pen and gives it wings, to each his own I say…this made me laugh. Next one ask to defend just say “to each one’s own sense of expression, life will be too dull if we were all alike wouldn’t you say? Better that then an addiction!” Now you made me yapped too much, lol. Have a lovely night dear! Hugs!!!


  3. I like how the poems here are so concise. Good stuff!


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