Round Here

I caught it without trying
And now it causes pain
As the dark clouds roll in
Ozone builds, then comes rain

No way to explain it
I’m not sure germs were passed
I know I didn’t want it
But it feels like I’m gassed

I know it won’t go way
My chest feels like it’s crushed
She said hold on real tight
But now I’m feeling rushed

The church is up ahead
A shotgun at my back
It’s no dam funeral
Why am I wearing black

It seems this is normal
The way it’s done round here
I wish I hadn’t caught it
It came with too much beer


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/5

10 responses to “Round Here

  1. Ah yes, the ending sure made me smile, Michael!


  2. That fellow will be more careful next time… oh, wait… this may be ‘tll death do them part!


  3. Good job on building up to the end.


  4. It’s surprising what you can catch – or pass on – when you have too much beer!

    Anna :o]


  5. This poem dawns on me slowly and leaves me smiling. Love this poem!


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