Halo Frost

Rubber crunch under light foot falls
Sound swallowed by the fallen snow
Red brick chimneys curling wood smoke
Mercury vapor street lamp’s halo frost

Stopping in solitude just to contemplate
Three inches of new fallen snow
On the smallest of limbs and
Wind whipped corners free of any new snow

Breathes hang in the air until dropping
Water vapor collects under nose and crystallizes
In the mustache and beard before being wiped
Away by the frozen mittens from previous wipes

The milk from the store grows heavier for the morning 
And there’s three more blocks to go trudging
Finally the mercury vapor lamp that lights our porch
Stomping up the stairs and removing the mittens

Because frozen they just turn around the door knob
Now it’s time for a hot chocolate and Johnny Carson

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/10


6 responses to “Halo Frost

  1. Your posts are so inviting to one’s imagination… I love it:)


  2. MMMm hot chocolate the answer to true comfort …thank you for sharing x x


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