Best Read with New Meds

Lazy eye turns and I see double
Tired eyes close, the start of the trouble
Drifting away, sleep seals my work
Minutes later, a sudden jerk

Awake now and ready to start
Writing half lines within my heart
It’s a price I pay with new meds
Wonder if it’s worth, sleeping instead


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/15

8 responses to “Best Read with New Meds

  1. tired eyes that want to drift off to sleep love that feeling of in limbo neither asleep or fully awake hope your well boogey ive been really ill but hopefully in recovery now xxjen


  2. Paul Andrew Russell

    As I get older, Michael, I find sleep harder to come by and infinitely more attractive than it used to be.


  3. Such a good question. Memorable poem B.


  4. Hmmm! Sympathize with this. Same question.


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