Painted Laugh

Throw open the windows painted shut
All I had to do is make you laugh
Putty and butter knives plus hammer
Thinking there was an ulterior gaff

Through layers of lead sawing back and forth
Back then you’d have scorned me if I tried
Pulling pieces of the pliant paint off
Reeling you in again like a new bride

The sill remains undamaged, free of most paint
You struggle against yourself and the line’s restraint
The paint breaks free and the window goes up
A breeze comes through and you giggle just enough

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/18

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12 responses to “Painted Laugh

  1. Ah nice one– but has she lost some of her sparkle?



  2. Nice take on this…I like the hopeful note at the end ~


  3. I love this Michael. You draw a perfect parallel between the needs of a beautiful old house and a beautiful, mature woman. Lovely.


  4. I enjoyed this very much. Your words painted (word chosen purposely) the scene beautifully. And the ending was perfect and made ME giggle.


  5. So much to enjoy about this poem – the hints of rhyme, the teasing tone, and the play on words of the title.


  6. A stuck sash window is no use to man nor beast – glad yours got freed! LOL


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