The hunger is never sated
The longing never abated
The addiction to food is real
The only hope is to heal

Nothing fills the enormous void
Filling vacuums are never enjoyed
Some call it oral fixation
Whatever it’s called is crippling the nation

Obesity is now the PC for fat
Even for myself I’m done lapped
Calling to arms my stomach’s six pack
I just have to find it in front of my back


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/20

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24 responses to “Hunger?

  1. A solid poem on the dire circumstances of binge eating.

    Think more, eat less. And drink tea!


  2. There is a deep hunger, innate in us all. Thank you for sharing, this is a brilliant piece 🙂


  3. I have a six-pack that has morphed into one 🙂


  4. Paul Andrew Russell

    lol Michael. I love that last line.

    I never managed a six pack, four was all I could muster. I carry the keg too now. My downfall is a sugar fixation; jelly beans, cookies, cake etc. I’m beginning to eat more protein and fruit but it just doesn’t taste the same. Why does everything so bad for us taste so damn good? If I didn’t have a physical job I’d be a blob. lol


  5. lol, this was so fun and twisted!!! Happy G. day!!!


  6. You put it across so well, you really do. I just wish binge-eating were taken more seriously, and not just treated as though it’s down to greed. Yesterday, I made the decision to stop binge-eating. Let’s see how it goes; I don’t think it’s going to be an easy ride. Heck, I’m terrified.


  7. you can’t call people fat, and you can’t call them obese to their faces either

    primed to dance


    • That’s right… I’m just pleasingly plump in my eyes but the scales know different and they’re not afraid to tell me so either. This was written tic for all of us 12 steppers that try and take it one day at a time or should I have said one snack at a time.


  8. love this one, very well done.


  9. I think it’s quite effective to treat a serious subject with humor. It certainly worked here. That damn food addiction is so hard to kick because we can never go cold turkey and swear it off for good…that’s a whole ‘nother problem. Good write, and I can sooo relate!


  10. Great poem. I sometimes wonder if the obese ever look in the mirror. Then again it could be like the anorexic who sees a fat person in the mirror. The obese might see a thin person. The challenge of the material world to overcome.


  11. LOL. Yeah, can’t quit fries, myself.


  12. This is a very real problem for some people… and you express it very well, I think.


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