Consequences of Dreams

Dreaming in the past, times of before
In new situations, so it’s not a bore
Remember people better, especially her
Bringing up regret of things, that never were

Dreaming in the past, stirring up the dust
Hoping to return and sand away rust
But my conscious thoughts, come through intruding
Trying to pull me, into feelings brooding

Oh but if the dreams were real and played out
Driving down the new road, on a smooth route
Waving at the present, with a new delight
But know deep down inside, that it’d just be a fright

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/25

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22 responses to “Consequences of Dreams

  1. Beautiful write. I’m remembered of the words of one of my favourite bands, Alter Bridge, from their song Metalingus: “I’ll never long for what might have been. Regret won’t waste my life again. I won’t look back, I’ll fight to remain.”
    Peace & grace,


  2. Sometimes wanting something from our past prevents us from enjoying the present and also blinds us to what could be new joys in our future. I know this feeling all too well. Lovely write


  3. dreams do reflect our past,

    vivid imagery, lovely poetry.


  4. We should learn from our past – we have experiences that contribute to molding us … but at times, we tend to hold on too long … it is impossible to move along if shackled … at then again, we should not live in the future, but learn to live in the present, the now … so as not to miss its gifts and contributions.

    Well done ~~~


    • I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately because of a new drug. As a result I’ve been dreaming and remembering more of those dreams. So I tried to reproduce some of the situations and feelings from these dreams. What I like and dislike is the sleeping is just below the recognition of my surroundings. This allows more control over my dreams but less restful sleeping all around. I do agree with your feelings and glad you liked the poem.


  5. Regret is as emotionally flagellating as “What if..?” Knowing that it’s not ours to have, knowing that it’s not meant to be, knowing if we had the elusive it, it scare the crap out of us, yet even in our sleep we want it anyway. Beautifully penned.


  6. Oh, yes the dreams the dreams…. A very emotional subject for me! This was beautiful!


  7. authentic poetry, smiles.

    Happy Rally.


  8. Keep waving at the present and writing your poems!


  9. nice poem… and great dream…
    happy rally and god bless


  10. a very evocative poem, written from the heart. enjoyed the rhymes. thanks for share 🙂


  11. Beautiful. Love the rhyming.


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