What a great way to get our service members to speak out without the stress of talking to someone.

The River - Moved!

“Art is fundamental to health and to humanity.” – Rocco Landsman, NEA chairman

The US Military will begin  a new pilot program this month to better serve their healing soldiers at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, on the campus of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The Center has joined forces with the National Endowment for the Arts to offer soldiers with “signature wounds” a writing therapy called ‘Operation Homecoming.’

The most complex heath conditions to heal are the traumatic brain injuries and psychological health issues known as the  “signature wounds.” The writing workshop will focus on healing these wounds from ‘traumatic war experiences’ through expressive writing techniques of journaling and poetry. 

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  1. Exactly! and what a transformation of thought towards healing and the arts. Maybe we are growing…slowly. 🙂


    • Now if will trickle down to every VA Hospital and clinic it would be even greater. With the explosion of service members getting out over he next decade the VA will need all the money it can get. We need to make sure our Senators and Congress men know this is an area in our budget that needs to grow and not get cut.


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