What we’re becoming
The blinds waving in the AC
Sun scattering across the room
Smoke curls disrupting

Lumbar shifting
Carpal tunneling
Hose bulging
Glasses sliding

Flat rooting beer
Two thousand left
Driven by the clicking
Pausing only to pee

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/4

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 86

16 responses to “Authoring

  1. How well you have captured the urgency and single-mindedness of the author at the last stretch of his work.


  2. To add to Kerry’s insightful comments, I would also say there is a Hunter S. Thompson like quality of resignation here, how becoming the ordinary and inevitable is in a way the last expected event and it kind of pisses us off from time to time. I give this piece the nice cage seal of poemy goodness. Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. I like the movement of each stanza: becoming to disrupting, shifting to sliding, and beer to pee.



  4. Good capture 🙂


  5. I read Kerry’s comment and understood your share.

    I like how you captured his intense focus on writing (except mother nature’s call) ~


    • Thanks for joining in. I like being a realist when it comes to writing; so just as his hose is bulging he’ll also have to tend to other things. I may consider your advice and find another angle; I just like the abrupt comical ending. smiles…


  6. A fun read. Yes, I think you captured writers and what they do to not be interrupted in their ‘flow’…haha.. Nice, concise, and well captured. 🙂


  7. love this, fun wonders.


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